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Aura Highlighters are sulfate-free + pthalate-free

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Aura Matte lipsticks are infused with four hydrating oils (Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond & Grapeseed)

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Highly pigmented, long lasting, & safe on skin

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100% Vegan & Cruelty + Paraben Free Cosmetics

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Aura Rouge Beauty provides products curated for ALL skin tones and types

Named after the strongest aura, Red Aura, Aura Rouge Beauty looks to be a vessel for individuals to showcase who they are passionately, boldly and unapologetically

Customers can feel safe in knowing that our cosmetics are free of toxins and we make sure that our products, particularly lip, are filled with lots of moisture and healing properties including Vitamin E

We are welcoming of all looking to express themselves, no matter your ethnicity, sexual orientation or sexual preference

In fact, we embrace sexuality as a form of passion in which beings choose to express themselves

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Mission + Vision

With inclusivity at the core, we are a vessel for individuals to showcase who they are passionately, boldly and unapologetically

By providing high-quality easy to use cosmetics, we want to inspire others to slay their makeup regardless of skill level

We envision a world where beauty is more defined by the energy you possess within - Confidence exudes throughout and more people choose to express themselves without fear

How to Use the Aura Highlighter

Apply the Aura Highlighter using your finger, with a beauty blender, or a duo fiber brush in a tapping motion at the high points of your face (cheekbones, nose bridge, under eyebrow, etc)

A little goes a long way with this product!

Everyone loves Aura Rouge Beauty

I loved the lipsticks so much! The consistency and how smooth it went on as I applied it was just a plus! 10/10 recommend ladies!

influencer + personal stylist

(Wearing "so into you" aura matte lipstick)

I have definitely found my go to red lip with this product! I’m so used to matte sticks and not matte glosses and I love the application of putting this on -  Definitely invest in this for a dress up or a dress down day!

Celebrity stylist

(wearing "who do you love?" aura matte lipstick)

customer image

Aura Rouge Beauty is such an amazing brand! The brand itself welcomes everyone to live passionately and bold! Allowing you to do so with great products

Whether its putting on a bold red lip or glowing highlight, Aura Rouge Beauty will always make you feel beautiful & confident

carolina hernandez flores - virginia
makeup artist

(Wearing "90's R&b" aura matte lipstick + "prosecco" aura highlighter

customer image

This is truly the best liquid lipstick I have used! It smells amazing, and feels great on your lips - I had Naked on all day and didn’t even have to touch it up

When I went to take off my makeup, I had to remove it with coconut oil because I wasn’t able to get it off without washing my face, THAT is how long lasting it is! 10/10 would recommend, and def will be purchasing more Aura Rouge lipsticks!

Salma malik - new jersey
makeup artist

(wearing "naked" aura matte lipstick + "prosecco" aura highlighter)